Internal icons

Graphlytic contains several icons for direct use in style mappers (when mapperType="discrete", group="nodes" and styleGroup="nodeIcon"). In order to use internal icons you construct internal URL which contains prefix "icon/" and the name of icon you want to use. Name of icon consists of the name of icon shape and icon color concatenated with underscore ("_") and sufix ".png". Examples of internal URL: "icon/app_1_blue.png" or "icon/user_1_red.png".

See image with all internal icons and examples below for more information.




Example of style mapper with internal icons:

"id" : "iconMapper_1",
"property" : "TYPE",
"title" : "Icon by type",
"group" : "nodes",
"styleGroup" : "nodeIcon",
"mapperType" : "discrete",
"style" : {
"background_image" : {
"TYPE_1" : "icon/monitor_1_blueLight.png",
"TYPE_2" : "icon/virtual_1_red.png",
"_notMapped_" : "rgb(100,100,100)",
"_undefined_" : "rgb(0,0,0)"