Permission: Settings management

User with Settings management permission can configure Graphlytic solution for specific use case. There are 2 types of settings: index settings and application level GUI settings (data schema, data types, search mode, search tabs, ...).

Recommended steps for quick setup

  1. Configure Node Index and reindex (you can use automatic settings generator)

  2. DATA_TYPES : use automatic settings generator

  3. DATA_SCHEMA : use automatic settings generator

  4. VISUALIZATION : use automatic settings generator. Most important is "nodeTitleProp". It should be node property which is defined for all nodes because value of this property will be used as node name (label or title) in visualization. You can define virtual property and use it in this setting.

  5. SEARCH_TABS : use automatic settings generator.

  6. SEARCH_MODE : change "manual" to "instant" if you want instant search on the Search page and Data Security page

  7. CSV_EXPORT : optional. Default setting is to export all properties defined in DATA_SCHEMA as Database Property Definition

Now you are able to search for nodes on Search page, Permissions page and you can visualize graph structure.

Optional but highly recommended is to define STYLE_MAPPERS. Otherwise you won't be able to visually explore the data in graph or define STYLE_VIEWS properly.

Notes about Settings

These settings are mandatory (they have to be set properly). You can use automatic generator as a start and them customize them manually:

These settings are optional (the default setting is fine but you can customize them for better experience):

These settings are optional but essential for visualization (automatic generator does nothing so you have to customize them manually):

  • STYLE_MAPPERS : you have to define mappers objects if you want to style the visualization. Created style mapper objects are listed in "Style" tab in visualization where you can apply them to style the visualization. This setting is the most time consuming from all.

  • STYLE_VIEWS : every style view object defines which style mappers (and also other styling properties) should by applied when user chooses particular view so the user can switch between views to visually compare patterns in the data. Defined style views are listed in the Views menu in visualization (in the top toolbox with buttons).

Import and Export

Use button "Export settings" to export all settings in one Zip file. You can use this file to backup your settings.

You can upload settings back into Graphlytic.

Import one setting

You can upload one setting file which contains JSON. Name of the setting files has to be the same as the name of the setting (for example: DATA_TYPES.json). Encoding for file has to be "UTF-8". Setting is validated and saved after import.

Import more settings in one zip file

You can import zip file which contains more setting files. Name of the zip file is arbitrary. Name of the setting files in zip file has to be the same as the name of the setting (for example: DATA_TYPES.json). Encoding for all files in zip has to be "UTF-8". All settings from zip file are validated and saved after import.