Visualization workspace is shown when Visualization screen is opened. Workspace contains elements from database which are visualized as graph. You can interactively manipulate with elements (for example moving them). Example of workspace:


Common operations in workspace:

Select element

Click on element to select.

Select more elements

Hold "SHIFT" and click on elements.

Hold "SHIFT" and select area of elements.

Press "CTRL" + "A" to select all elements in workspace.

Move element

Hold left button on selected element and move mouse to move element.

Explore node

If node has some neighbors which are not visible in visualization, node is not completely explored. This node should have "+" symbol. Doubleclick explores this node and all neighbors are shown.

Move view

Hold left button on workspace (out of the elements) and move mouse to move view.

Zoom view

Use mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out. Zoom depends on position of the mouse cursor.