Enterprise edition functionality

User can be member of groups. Groups are used to change permissions to data for more users at once.

Create group

  1. Left menu - groups

  2. Click on "create group"

  3. Fill all mandatory fields in the form.

  4. Click "Create" button

Manage group

  1. Left menu - groups

  2. List of all existing groups is shown

  3. There are several icons next to the each group. You can execute several operations with group:

    • update - change details of group

    • add/remove users - manage membership of users in this group. Use arrows to change membership of users.

    • delete - confirmation window is shown. After confirmation group is deleted from system. Users of this group are not deleted from system. (groups are used to add permissions. If there is user which is member only of the one group and this group is deleted, after this user will see no data after he login to Graphlytic)