Ubu: Important directories

1. Neo4j


Home directory of Neo4j. Important files and directories has red color.

  • bin - scripts of Neo4j

  • conf - configuration files

    • neo4j-http-logging.xml

    • neo4j.properties

    • neo4j-server.properties - main configuration file. Contains information about database location, HTTP port and other.

    • neo4j-wrapper.conf

  • data

    • dbms - Neo4j internal data

    • log - log diretcory. See Ubu: Logging

  • lib - libraries

  • plugins - extending functionality for Neo4j. Here is place for Graphlytic Neo4j plugin. See Ubu: 2. Install Neo4j

  • system - system files


Default location of Neo4j database

2. Graphlytic


Home directory of Graphlytic.

  • application.properties - main configuration file
    graphlytic-init-deb - init script for Ubuntu service.

  • graphlytic-init-rhel - init script for RHEL service.

  • graphlytic.bat - not used at Linux

  • graphlytic.war - web application archive

  • graphlyticc - script used to start Graphlytic as a console application (not used when installed as service)

  • graphlyticd - script whoich is started when Graphlytic service is started

  • jetty-http.xml - Jetty configuration file

  • jetty-http-https.xml - Jetty configuration file

  • jetty-https.xml - Jetty configuration file

  • jetty-runner.jar - Jetty servlet engine

  • keystore_gl-webapp - store for private and public key for HTTPS (self-signed)

  • logback.xml - main configuration file for logging


Data directory for Graphlytic. Stores: database of ETL jobs, configuration of ETL jobs


Directory for Graphlytic log files. See Ubu: Logging for more information.

  • console.log - log information about starting Graphlytic

  • graphlytic-audit.log - audit log information: successful login and unsuccessful login, data operations (create, update, delete - name of the operation and username)

  • graphlytic.log - main log file of Graphlytic