Enterprise edition functionality

Graphlytic application can access only authorized user. There are 2 levels of users in Graphlytic: common users and administrators. Administrator can access same functions as common user. Here are functions which are accessible only for administrator but not for common user:

  • user management

  • group management

  • permission management

  • ETL job management

  • application settings

Create user

  1. Left menu - users

  2. Click on "create new user"

  3. Fill all mandatory fields in the form. If there is need to create user with administrator permission, check "Admin" checkbox

  4. Click "Create" button

Be careful about creating Administrator users! Administrator can create ETL jobs (see ETL jobs). Groovy script can be added into ETL script so administrator can write script to delete some files on local disk for example. This can be dangerous. Make only responsible user to be an administrator.

Manage user

  1. Left menu - users

  2. List of all existing users is shown

  3. There are several icons next to the each user. You can execute several operations with user:

    • disable - confirmation window is shown. After confirmation user is disabled which means user can't log into Graphlytic. User is not deleted from system and can be activated anytime.

    • edit - change details of user

    • change password - change password of user

    • add/remove group - manage membership this user in all existing groups. Use arrows to change membership of user.

    • delete - confirmation window is shown. After confirmation user is deleted from system. User can't log into system and can't be restored.