Saved Visualizations

A screen with saved visualizations can be opened by pressing the button "Saved" in the left menu. This screen contains:


1.Control panel

  • Button "New visualization" will open the Search screen to select elements for a new visualization.

  • Sorting buttons "Alphabetical", "Created", "Changed" and "Owner" can be used to order saved visualization by any of these properties ("Alphabetical" will order visualizations by name).

  • Switch "Show hidden" to show or hide the hidden shared visualizations (see List of visualizations for more information).

2.List of visualizations

This list contains the visualizations stored by a user and the visualizations shared by other users. To see information about a visualization move the cursor over the visualization. Information are shown: who is the creator, when it was created, when it was last updated.

A user with the permission "View all visualizations of all other users" seea all existing visualizations.

To open a visualization click on the image or name of the visualization.


If the visualization was created by the user (is not shared with the user by somebody else) there are these operations available:

  • Share - see "Share visualization"

  • Update - name and description can be changed

  • Delete - visualization is removed

If the visualization was not created by the user:

  • Hide - shared visualization can be flagged as hidden. You can later see hidden visualizations with "Show hidden" switch in the Control Panel.

Share visualization

If the user has the permission "Share visualization", a visualization can be shared with other users or groups of users. The user can share a visualization with groups which he is member of or with users which are members of these groups.

If the user has the permission "Share visualization to everyone", a visualization can be shared with any group and any user in the Graphlytic application.