WinS: 3. Install Graphlytic

Deploy plugin into Neo4j

Graphlytic requires some advanced features which are not delivered with Neo4j but are deployed as a plugin for Neo4j delivered with Graphlytic installation package. To know more about the functionality of the plugin please see Architecture.

The Graphlytic Neo4j plugin has to be copied into Neo4j:

  • Stop Neo4j if it is running

  • Copy the file "neo4j-gl-plugin-<version>.jar" into the directory <NEO4J_HOME>/plugins/ (this directory can be changed in the Neo4j configuration file)

    • Alternativelly use the "legacy-neo4j-gl-plugin-<version>.jar" when you want to use Neo4j version 3.3 or 3.4

Install Graphlytic

Unzip Graphlytic installation file "graphlytic-<version>.zip" into home Graphlytic directory (for example: c:\graphlytic\)

Configure Graphlytic

Graphlytic's configuration is stored in the "conf/graphlytic.conf" file. Default configuration is as follows:

# where Graphlytic stores its data
# where Graphlytic stores log files
# where Graphlytic stores external widgets
# where Graphlytic stores external icons
# login page logo title
# url for HTTP or HTTPS connection to Neo4j REST
# do not comment this line. HTTP/HTTPS connection is mandatory for communication with Graphlytic Neo4j plugin
# you can use HTTPS url to use SSL but you need import Neo4j certificate into Java default truststore
# url for Bolt connection to Neo4j
# comment this line to disable Bolt protocol communication and HTTP/HTTPS will be used for all communication with Neo4j
# username for Neo4j connection
# password for Neo4j connection

Edit configuration file "graphlytic.bat" to use HTTP or HTTPS or both:

REM disable or enable HTTP/HTTPS. To disable comment or remove line

Install Windows Service

In order to correctly register Graphlytic as a Windows Service go to the Graphlytic HOME directory (e.g. "c:\graphlytic") and run the graphlytic_service_installer.exe as an administrator and with proper arguments. Example:

graphlytic_service_installer.exe INSTALL "bat=c:/<GRAPHLYTIC_HOME>/graphlytic.bat" "log=c:/<GRAPHLYTIC_HOME>/logs/win-service.log"


  • first argument can be INSTALL or UNINSTALL

  • if you are running the INSTALL command there are two other arguments (please use full paths and place the parameters in quotes like shown in the example above):

    • bat - location of the graphlytic.bat file which is used for starting the app

    • log - location and file name where the Windows Service logs will be stored


  • Neo4j Windows Service has to be already installed prior to installing Graphlytic Windows Service

  • the directory defined in the "log" argument has to already exist before you run the installation