WinS: 4. Start Graphlytic

Graphlytic depends on Neo4j so if you want to start Neo4j and/or Graphlytic manually you have to start Neo4j first and Graphlytic next (after Neo4j is successfully started).

Start Neo4j

How to start Neo4j see Neo4j installation manual. It is strictly recommended to follow instructions from the official Neo4j manual. Here is a short description how to start Neo4j but use this description with care.

  1. Start command prompt

  2. Go into NEO4J_HOME\bin directory (for example: cd c:\Programs\neo4j-community-3.0.0\bin)

  3. Start the Neo4j Windows Service - execute "neo4j.bat start". From this moment Neo4j database should be started. If you use default Neo4j configuration Neo4j database will be accessible only from localhost (recommended).

    1. If Neo4j Windows Service is not installed then execute neo4j.bat install-service and then neo4j.bat start to start the service

  4. Check Neo4j from your browser at: http://localhost:7474/

    1. If you start Neo4j for the first time (new DB instance is created):

    • there will be a request for authentication. Use name: neo4j and password: neo4j

    1. If this is not a first start:

    • there will be a request for authentication. Enter valid password for user neo4j

Start Graphlytic

  1. Open the Services manager window (see the picture below)

  2. Start the Graphlytic Service


Problem with known_hosts certificates

This problem typically occurs when you connect Graphlytic to a Neo4j instance for the first time

  • Problem: instead of the Login screen there is a HTTP ERROR 503 page

    • please confirm in the Graphlytic log that this line is present: "the certificate the server uses has changed. This is a security feature to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks.|If you trust the certificate the server uses now, simply remove the line"

  • Solution:

    • stop Graphlytic

    • delete file c:\Users\YourUserName\.neo4j\known_hosts

    • start Graphlytic

  • Other options are to comment the certificates in the file and/or add new certificate key. The new key can be found in the Graphlytic log somewhere around the text mentioned in the problem definition.